What sperm quality says about a man’s general health

A new study has found that the quality of a man’s sperm is linked to his overall health.

The research was published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, and conducted at the Stanford University School of Medicine. From 1994 through 2011 the research team examined the medical records of 9,387 sub-fertile men 30 to 50 years of age (average 38 years), to determine the cause of their infertility. Almost half (44%) of all of the men had an additional health problem besides the fertility problem for which they were seeking treatment. The main health problems included high blood pressure, vascular disease, and heart disease. The results also found that as the number of defects in sperm increased, so did the chance of having a skin disease or a hormone disorder.

According to Professor Michael Eisenberg who led the study:

“A man’s health is strongly correlated with his semen quality. Given the high incidence of infertility, we need to take a broader view. As we treat men’s infertility, we should also assess their overall health. That visit to a fertility clinic represents a big opportunity to improve their treatment for other conditions, which we now suspect could actually help resolve the infertility they came in for in the first place.” 

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