A tube of “embryo glue” helps couple conceive after failed IVF treatments

Nicola and Andrew Stone are thrilled to be parents to daughter Sophia Elsie-May, after surgeons used a special adhesive to attach a fertilized embryo to the wall of Nicola’s uterus.

Unable to conceive naturally, Andrew and Nicola were told that they would have difficulty having a baby because Andrew’s sperm count was too low and Nicola’s body mass index was too high. Andrew started taking vitamins and Nicola tried to lose weight. They underwent seven years of unsuccessful fertility treatments. The couple were heartbroken and feared that they would never become parents. In the end, it was a special tube of “embryo glue” that helped them conceive. Nicola described the new technique: 

“My embryos were dipped in glue and the lining of my womb was scratched so that everything would implant. As the lining heals, doctors think it helps to keep the embryo safe and in place.”

Nicola and Andrew are overjoyed to finally become parents. Nicola says of their daughter:

“She’s our little miracle. We’re so happy, it feels like we’re living in a dream. After all the setbacks, I didn’t think it would work but I’m so glad it did. Sophia is everything we wished for.”

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