7 gadgets and apps to help track your fertility

Fox News recently profiled 7 new gadgets and smart phone apps that can help women get healthy and optimize and track their fertility. They include:

Wink: Kindara’s Wink includes a wireless oral fertility thermometer to record basal body temperature. The thermometer syncs with a fertility app to help a woman track her menstrual cycle, cervical fluid, and sexual activity.

Ovia Fertility: This app tracks a woman’s basal body temperature, cervical fluid and ovulation, menstrual cycle, blood pressure, weight, sexual activity, mood, physical health, diet, exercise, and sleep. The app can sync with other apps that help track health and exercise.

Daysy: This is an all-in-one basal body thermometer and computer to track a woman’s menstrual cycle. The app analyses this information over time and use statistics to determine a woman’s fertility window. A woman can use the daysyView app to access detailed information about her cycle, and can chart and share the statistics with her partner.

KNOWWHEN: This saliva fertility monitor uses a small amount of saliva to determine when a woman is ovulating. The Personal Ovulation App can be used to input ovulation days and timing of sexual activity.

Glow: This app tracks a woman’s menstrual cycle, basal body temperature, and ovulation, and reminds a woman when she is fertile. It also includes daily health tips. The Glow Genius feature gives personalized insights about a woman’s body to help her optimize her fertility.

ONDO: The ONDO Basal Thermometer helps keep track of a woman’s basal body temperature, and syncs wirelessly with the Ovatemp app to track a woman’s menstrual cycle, cervical fluid, and sexual activity. The app has a fertility-coaching program with personalized tips on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle to optimize fertility.

Clue: This app helps a woman keep track of her menstrual cycle, cervical fluid, pain, mood, and sexual activity. It also includes information about a woman’s cycle, fertility, and personal notes.

Read more about the apps and gadgets here.

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