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Woman with two wombs still able to have a baby

When Jane Woodhead, 38, went for a routine pap smear, she was very surprised to be told that she has two uteruses and two cervixes. Despite having yearly pap smears for many years, this very rare condition, called uterus didelphys, had never been discovered. About 3% of women are born with this condition that is thought to develop while female babies are in utero. Women with this condition can be pregnant in both uteruses at the same time! Even with a single pregnancy, there is increased risk for pregnancy complications such as miscarriage and bleeding, premature labour, or breach births. Caesarean sections are often necessary for delivery. Given that the wombs may be smaller than average, low birth weights are also a risk.

After this shocking discovery, Ms. Woodhead was told that she would likely need in vitro fertilization (IVF) to have children. However, soon after she discovered that she had become pregnant “naturally” with her “miracle baby” Grace.  Jane shared:

“I never felt able to relax during the 39 weeks as I was aware of the risks and I was so grateful to be able to tick every week off the calendar and move closer to my due date…She was born 11 days after my 40th birthday and was the best 40th birthday present I could ever have asked for or dreamed of. She’s my little miracle.”

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