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9 out of 10 women say they’d consider freezing their eggs to pursue their careers or find a partner

A new study conducted in the UK suggests that 9 out of 10 of women would consider freezing their eggs in order to pursue their careers or find the right partner, before becoming a parent.

The study was led by Dr. Camille Lallemant, at Prince Anne Hospital in Southampton. The research team surveyed 973 women from the UK and Denmark, through an anonymous online survey. The results showed that:

  • 83% had heard of egg freezing
  • 99.4% found egg freezing acceptable for medical reasons (e.g., preserving fertility before cancer treatment)
  • 89% considered egg freezing acceptable to delay childbearing until their career and relationship circumstances were appropriate
  • 19% were actively considering egg freezing
  • 27% were interested in learning more about egg freezing

It is interesting to note that the women were more concerned about their biological clocks than they were about their careers.  In particular, they were concerned about not finding a suitable partner by the time they reached 35 years of age, and feared they would end up permanently childless.

According to lead researcher, Dr. Lallemant:

Until very recently, no options for preserving fertility in order to delay childbearing existed, but vitrification has revolutionised oocyte freezing and made it effective and convenient…While both our clinics in Southampton and Copenhagen receive many inquiries about options for fertility planning, few women as yet have actually chosen oocyte freezing for this purpose, though we are seeing growing interest in the technique.”

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Read more about the study here.

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