World’s first quadruplets born from the same embryo

The world’s first quadruplets to be born from the same embryo have recently reached an important milestone having entered daycare at 14 months old.

Darcy, Caroline, Elisha, and Alexis Clark made medical history when they were born on March 25, 2013. They are believed to be the first quadruplets in the world to be conceived from the same embryo. The odds of an embryo splitting 4 times are estimated to be one-in-two-million.

The girls’ parents, Justin and Christine Clark, had been trying have a baby for 9 years before they had their first successful cycle of in vitro fertilization. Only one embryo was transferred to Christine’s uterus during the IVF cycle. No wonder the couple were surprised when they learned they were having quadruplets! Mom Christine said:

“When we found out we were having four babies, I just couldn’t believe it. I was speechless and to be honest, I didn’t believe it until I saw them for myself.”

Christine was admitted to hospital at 24 weeks, but didn’t give birth until week 30. When they were born 10 weeks early, the baby girls weighed 10 pounds in total.

Although the girls were premature, their parents are thrilled that they are healthy and meeting developmental milestones. Father Justin said of the girls’ first day at daycare:

“’They were good as gold, as we knew they would be. These girls were ten weeks premature and so any milestone for them is huge for us. We are just so proud.” 

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