Poll reveals what most women want to achieve before having children

A recent poll conducted in the UK by the fertility firm OvuSense asked 1,000 currently childless women what they want to accomplish before they become mothers.

Consistent with previous research on the influence of a partner on women’s childbearing decisions, the women’s top priority was to be married before having children. Other things the women also rated as important prior to having children included travelling, clearing their debts and accumulating some savings, and purchasing a car and property – ideally with a garden / back yard for a child to play in.

Nearly half of the women said they wanted to wait until they felt “mature enough” to become a mother. Many said that they would also plan the timing of their first child around factors such as work commitments, school admissions dates, or even social commitments such as a friend’s wedding.

The decision of if, and when, to become a mother is clearly complex, involving many personal, social, economic, and practical factors.

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