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Celebrities face criticism for encouraging women not to wait to have children

Recent comments made by British celebrities about the timing of motherhood and career have been met with criticism by the public.

Kirstie Allsopp, the star of the tv show, Location, Location, Location, shared her advice for young women who one day want to become mothers. Having had her sons at age 35 and 37, Allsopp believes that rather than going to university first, women should focus on finding a partner and having children while they are younger and still fertile. She said:

“At the moment, women have 15 years to go to university, get their career on track, try and buy a home and have a baby.That is a hell of a lot to ask someone. As a passionate feminist, I feel we have not been honest enough with women about this issue.”

Some agreed with Allsopp’s advice, while others angrily rejected it, calling her tone “patronizing” and claiming that she is “stuck in the past.”

Despite the criticism, Kirstie is sticking by her comments. She recently tweeted:

“Still pleased I raised the issue of the fertility window. It is scary being out on a limb and some folk being vile but majority sensible.”

Emma Thompson, the star of films such as Love Actually and Saving Mr. Banks, is facing similar criticism in response to her recent comments about juggling the demands of motherhood and a career. Thompson, who is mother to a 14 year old daughter and a 26 year old son, recently took a year off to spend time with her children and highly recommends other women should do the same if they can afford to. Thompson believes:

“You can’t be a great mum and keep working all the time.”

While some have applauded Thompson for encouraging women to make motherhood a priority, others who don’t have the financial resources to stop working for a year, have criticized her comments.

Obviously the issue of motherhood and career is a hot topic, and one that many women struggle with!

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