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Researchers invent first at-home fertility test for males

Researchers in the United States have developed a new portable fertility test called TrakFertility, that offers men the convenience of testing their sperm within the comfort of their homes, rather than having to produce a sample for testing at a laboratory.

According to the test’s developers, Greg Sommer and Ulrich Schaff, the easy-to-use kit could be available to men as early as next year. They claim that their portable, user friendly test is as accurate as a clinical lab test. Sommer and Schaff developed their product after noticing that at home fertility products, such as ovulation and pregnancy testing kits, have traditionally been more focused on the female consumer. According to Sommer:

“We want to help people conceive in a way never done before. The market today is completely focused on females to monitor hormones, temperatures and so forth for peak fertility windows each month. But one of every five men has low-sperm counts that can impair conception.”

Sommer and Schaff are currently working on a mobile app that would allow men to access the results of the TrakFertility test on their phones, and guide them in how to discuss their test results with their doctors.

Learn more about fertility testing for men here and here. 

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