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Triplets born after vasectomy reversal

Chad Doss had a vasectomy after having his children with his first wife. However, the marriage ended and when he met his second wife, Amanda, he realized that he wanted to have a baby with her to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. Chad consulted his urologist, Dr. Samuel Thompson, who said that having his vasectomy reversed within 5 years of having the initial procedure would give him about a 66% chance of being able to father a child.  According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), depending on the type of vasectomy reversal procedure performed, and how much time has passed since the vasectomy, sperm returns to the semen in 80-90% of men after a vasectomy reversal.

After talking it over with Amanda, Chad underwent a procedure to have his vasectomy reversed. Amanda says they were optimistic about being able to have a child after Chad’s reversal, but had decided, “if it happens, awesome, if not, we’ll find other ways.” Imagine their surprise when, only a short while after the reversal, Amanda became pregnant with identical triplets. Not only did they beat the odds in terms of becoming pregnant after Chad’s vasectomy reversal, but according to Dr. Charles Coddington, the President of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, the chance of conceiving identical triplets without fertility medications or treatment, is about one in a million.

The couple are thrilled to have not one, but three babies. Chad says, “It’s unbelievable that let alone we had a reversal, but then for us to have three and they’re identical, it’s a miracle. We’re very blessed.” The triplets, named Avery, Bentley, and Cassidy, were born at 31 weeks and are remaining in neo-natal care for a few more weeks so that they can continue to grow.

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