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Women without children: Challenging gender stereotypes

Women’s fertility choices have long been subject to public scrutiny. Despite progressive social changes that have granted women more freedom in their lives in terms of education, relationships, and career, there still exists the expectation that all women want to become mothers, and if they are able, will have children. However, the reality is that […]

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It isn’t just women whose fertility changes with age: Men’s fertility also declines

It is well-known that women’s fertility declines with age. In fact, the majority of research on age-related fertility decline has been focused on women. However, recent research findings indicate that men’s fertility also declines with age. This research is timely, given the fact that men are also delaying parenthood or having second families into their […]

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From lifelong friends to “co-parents”

My name is Julie. I never expected to be single and childless at 40. I always expected that I’d meet the man of my dreams and kids would come soon afterwards. Unfortunately life hasn’t ended up that way. Don’t get me wrong – I love my life and all the opportunities that I’ve had. But […]

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Emergency contraception can be used to prevent pregnancy

There are a number of effective methods of birth control that can be used to prevent a pregnancy before having intercourse (e.g., birth control pill, condoms, diaphragm, etc.). However, in cases of unplanned or nonconsensual sex, or when birth control may have failed (e.g. broken condom), emergency contraception (EC) options exist for preventing pregnancy. Although […]

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