Some women regret waiting to become a mother.

The 2012 Modern Motherhood Report – a poll commissioned by Red magazine – surveyed over 3000 women between the ages of 28 and 45. The results indicate that a quarter of the participants wished they had started trying for a child earlier on in their lives and regretted their decision to delay having a family. Concerns about, or problems getting pregnant, may partially account for these regrets. Indeed, of the women surveyed, 17% were worried about being able to conceive because of advanced age. Twenty-five percent of the women who responded to the survey reported that they had experienced difficulties getting pregnant, and 9% had sought fertility treatments such as IVF. Approximately 20% of survey respondents who were not in a relationship at the time reported wanting to become a mother so badly they would consider pursuing single motherhood.

Read more about this survey here:

A quarter of women ‘wish they’d tried for children earlier’ [The Telegraph]

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