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My husband and I are in our mid-30s and are the parents of a wonderful 2 year old. We want to have another child soon, so our daughter doesn’t grow up as an only child. But I had a severe case of post-partum depression after our daughter was born and I’m terrified that it could happen again. How do we make this decision?

Written by our mental health expert, Dr. Janet Takefman.   I certainly understand your fear and can reassure you that many women have asked themselves this same question. In fact I often recommend a book by Karen Kleiman who founded the Postpartum Stress Center in Philadelphia ( entitled, “What Am I Thinking? Having A Baby After [...]

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Relationship Difficulties

I’m 38 and have always wanted to have children. My current partner is 42 and says he is willing to have a child with me – but he has a very short fuse and gets very pouty when he’s not getting all my attention. I’m seriously questioning whether he’ll make a good father, but I don’t feel I have time to end this relationship and find someone else to have kids with. What should I do?

Written by our mental health expert Janet Takefman, Ph.D. Good parenting involves many specialized skills, attributes, and sacrifices. However, there is really no way to determine who will make a good parent and who will not. Many people, men and women alike, step up to the plate when they become parents and even surprise themselves [...]

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Ice Cubes Photo - Fertility Preservations

I am a single woman in my mid-thirties. I think I want to have children but I don’t yet have a partner and I’m not comfortable doing this on my own. What can I do to keep my options open?

Written by our mental health expert Janet Takefman, Ph.D. You are fortunate that this is 2012 as your options are considerably more reliable than they would have been just a few years ago. Fertility preservation for women for non-medical reasons is a relatively new clinical procedure that many clinics are now offering. Egg freezing, as [...]

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