Motherhood on Ice: New documentary chronicles a woman’s decision to freeze her eggs

At the age of 42, Amanda Burrell challenged herself to decide whether or not to freeze her eggs. She was currently single and childless, but felt she had a great life. As she was researching her options, she realized that the topic would make a great documentary for her work at Al Jazeera. Accustomed to being behind the camera, Amanda didn’t realize how difficult it would be to examine such a personal topic in front of a crew and public audience.

As she was researching the documentary, Amanda discovered that she is part of a growing group of women in their 40s who are finding themselves without children or a partner. However, contrary to the popular assumption that these women are childless because they’re too focused on their careers rather than having a family, many of these women are not childless by choice but by circumstance (e.g., not having found a suitable partner with whom to have children).

Although she wasn’t certain she wanted to have a child, through hearing the experiences of those who were faced with childlessness, Amanda decided to freeze her eggs. Despite her age, she hopes that she might be able to use her own eggs to have a child in the future, should she decide she wants to do so.

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