Women putting lives at risk by buying IVF drugs on the internet

A recent article in the Daily Mail Online profiles a concerning trend. Some women who are unable to afford expensive fertility medications and treatments may be putting their lives at risk by purchasing discounted fertility drugs sold illegally on the internet on sites such as eBay. Fertility drugs are usually available by prescription only and can cause blood clots, deep vein thrombosis (another form of blood clot), and strokes. Women can develop ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, a rare but serious health condition that, if not quickly and properly treated, can be life-threatening. It remains to be determined how widespread the problem is in other countries, where the costs of fertility drugs and treatments are beyond the reach of many women and their partners.

Doctors are warning women about the dangers of purchasing fertility medications online. Leading UK fertility expert Professor Lord Winston cautions: 

‘You don’t know if they are what they say on the packet. The drugs may not be pure and there’s always a risk when drugs are taken without medical supervision.’

Individuals and couples who can’t afford fertility treatments may want to consider fertility centres that offer long-term financing and cost-share options.

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