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Study finds women continue to hold misconceptions about female fertility

According to a new study published in Fertility and Sterility, women continue to hold misconceptions about female fertility. The study surveyed 1,000 women ages 18 to 40 from across the United States.  Of the sample, 80% were currently sexually active.

The study found:

  • 50% of women surveyed incorrectly believed that having sex more than once per day would increase their chances of becoming pregnant
  • 30% incorrectly believed that using certain positions during sex would boost their chances of a pregnancy
  • close to 20% were unaware of the negative impact of age and obesity on fertility
  • 30% didn’t know that sexually transmitted infections can have an impact on fertility
  • 40% incorrectly believed that women continue to make new eggs as they get older
  • 40% didn’t know that ovulation occurs 14 days before their next period.

Dr. Lubna Pal, associate professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at Yale University, a researcher on the study, said that it was concerning that:

“A significant proportion of women are really not aware of the basics…There are misperceptions, and really for an educated public with such easy access to correct information, there’s no room for such errors to be lingering around in our perceptions.”

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Read more about the study here.


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