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App helps track fertility and ovulation to promote or prevent pregnancy

The Glow app was launched in early 2013 in order to help women who are trying to conceive by tracking menstruation cycles and sexual activity levels. The app also provides tips about what type of food to eat, what vitamins to take, and indicates when a woman’s fertility window is – when they should be having sex in order to increase their chances of conceiving.

For women who are trying to prevent a pregnancy, Glow recently added a feature that helps women track their periods so they know when to avoid sexual activity and when to be vigilant about using contraceptive options such as condoms.

When users download the app, they are asked if they want to try to conceive or prevent pregnancy.

According to the originators of the Glow app:

“Whether you want to start a family now or later in life, having more knowledge of your reproductive health allows for better decisions and more control. Glow will give you the confidence you need to understand your body and its many signals and make the right choices now and in the future.”

Read more about the app here and here.


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