Men in kilts may be more fertile

Although pants and shorts are the attire preferred by most men in North America and Europe, there may be some advantages to wearing kilts for men interested in becoming fathers. Scottish researcher, Dr. Edwin Kompanje claims that wearing kilts (i.e., a traditional Scottish garment that resembles a knee-length, pleated skirt) may help to promote male fertility.

Dr. Kompanje recently published a paper in the Scottish Medical Journal which reviews studies exploring the relationship between men’s fertility, sperm production, and the temperature of the scrotum. The available research suggests that men who wear kilts rather than pants may have better sperm quality and be more fertile. A man’s testicles apparently need to be 3 degrees Celcius lower than his body temperature in order to produce normal levels of sperm. That is why tight-fitting underwear and pants have been linked to impaired male fertility – in part because they raise the temperature around a man’s groin. That is why wearing a kilt may provide a better environment for sperm production.  According to Dr. Kompanje:

“Kilt wearing likely produces an ideal physiological scrotal environment, which in turn helps maintain normal scrotal temperature, which is known to be beneficial for robust spermotaogenesis (sperm production) and good sperm quality”.

He suggests that men may want to consider wearing kilts and avoid wearing pants during the time they are trying to conceive a child.

Read more about this issue here.

Read the study abstract here.


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