Older mothers creating new baby boom

Recent figures from Great Britain indicate that for the first time, more than 900,000 mothers became pregnant in one year, higher than even during the post-war baby boom. This increase may be due to more women having babies in their 30s and 40s. In the 40 plus age group, the rate of conception has more than doubled in the UK in the last 2 decades. This mirrors a world wide trend of women having babies later in life, with the rates of women over 40 becoming mothers for the first time, reaching record numbers in Canada and the US.

The report suggests there is a “race among working women to catch up and have the families they missed out on in their 20s”. It is also possible that family may become more of a priority during economic difficulties.

Read more about the report here:

Older mothers fuelling biggest ever baby boom: 900 000 pregnancies in a year beats post-war record [Daily Mail Online]


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