Fertility and parenting issues for trans people

Written by our guest contributor, Rachel Epstein,Coordinator, LGBTQ Parenting Network, Sherbourne Health Centre.

Options and issues for trans people who want to have children are addressed in the post by Drs. Knudson and Kingsberg. It is important to remember that trans people in general continue to face profound discrimination within institutions, and those who are parents or who wish to be parents are confronted regularly with questions about their right and/or ability to be “suitable” parents. These arguments have been refuted by experts and by the courts (Boyce vs. Boyce, 2004; Forrester vs. Saliba, 2000), but similar to arguments made about lesbian and gay people as parents, they continue to circulate and negatively impact the people to whom they refer1.

For more information about reproductive options for trans people, click here.


1. Murphy, T.  (2010). The ethics of helping transgender men and women have children. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 53, 46-60.


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