Financing Fertility Treatments

Financing now available for fertility treatments

Individuals and couples who need fertility treatments to have a baby are often faced with the burden of having to pay for expensive drugs and treatments that aren’t covered by health insurance. Some end up not being able to have kids because they can’t afford to pay for treatments such as IVF – which often have to be done more than once before they are successful. Now, the growing industry of fertility financing offers the hope of a baby by making it possible under certain conditions, to borrow money to pay for fertility treatments. The availability of this service differs across countries. For example, some fertility clinics in the United States work closely with lending companies and support the practice of fertility financing to their patients.

While these financing services can open the doors to more people having access to fertility treatments to build their families, experts also warn of the dangers of this service. Many of these lending companies charge very high interest rates for fertility treatment financing packages, preying on desperate couples and individuals who often will pay anything in order to have a child. Arthur Caplan spoke to and warned that if these treatments are successful, people can end up carrying a significant financial burden at a time when they are also faced with the considerable costs of having a baby, or as is often the case with fertility treatments, twins.

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Couples desperate for children resort to fertility financing to shoulder the cost of expensive treatment [Daily Mail Online]


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