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Determining the fate of “orphaned” embryos

Fertility specialists across the globe face the difficult decision of deciding what to do with “orphaned” embryos – embryos belonging to patients who have requested that their extra embryos created through IVF be cryopreserved and stored, but who are no longer in contact with their fertility clinic. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine considers embryos […]

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Older Family of Three

Shifting our idea of the perfect family: Experiencing secondary infertility

My name is Theresa and my husband’s name is Matteo. We have a beautiful little girl named Malia who just had her third birthday. Matteo and I started trying for a baby when I was 35 years old – once we both finished school, got our careers established and did some of the travelling we […]

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3 Person IVF

New genetic treatment offers fertility hope for women with hereditary diseases

For women who carry genetic markers for debilitating hereditary diseases, a new genetic treatment may offer hope for having a healthy baby. In this new treatment, “defective” DNA from the egg of a woman who carries the genetic markers for a hereditary disease is replaced with healthier genetic material from a donor egg. The genetically […]

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