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Scientists identify genes that may further our understanding about infertility

A team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh have recently identified a gene – SRPK – that plays a role in the ‘huddling’ process among chromosomes – a process that is believed to be necessary for the healthy development and fertilization of eggs. The results of a study conducted with fruit flies (believe it […]

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A birth control pill may one day be available for men

Reversible birth control options for men are currently limited to barrier contraceptive methods – the most common being the condom. However, the results of a new study may guide scientists in the development of a new contraceptive option for men – a non-hormonal birth control pill. Dr. Jay Bradner of Harvard Medical School, and his […]

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Don't Give Up

Baby envy and perseverance on the long road to motherhood

In my group of college friends, we all assumed that I’d become a mom first. I dated my high school sweetheart all through college and had a clear idea in my head of what the future would look like – graduation, marriage, job, and then children – lots of them. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out […]

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Multiple Pregnancies pose risks to mothers and babies

Women with multiple pregnancies are at increased risk for numerous medical conditions such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia (high blood pressure), anemia, miscarriage, C-section delivery, hemorrhages (excessive bleeding), and maternal mortality. In addition, their babies are also at increased risk in cases of multiple pregnancies. Women pregnant with twins, triplets, or quadruplets often end up giving […]

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