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Running out of time

For as long as I can remember my goal was to climb the corporate ladder and establish myself professionally before I would consider having children. Most of my time, energy and focus went into work – I ended up living, breathing and dreaming about work. Thankfully, all of my hard work ended up being rewarded. […]

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A new formula could help predict your chances of getting pregnant

Researchers at Warwick Medical School have developed a mathematical formula to help couples predict their chances of conceiving a child, and to assess when they should seek medical attention if they are having difficulty achieving pregnancy. As a general rule, couples are advised to seek medical attention after unsuccessfully trying to conceive a child for […]

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Can I do it all?: Juggling school and motherhood

I just found out the greatest news – I have been accepted to graduate school! A Ph.D. program, to be more exact, which means another 6+ years of training. On the one hand I feel ecstatic, but I’m also a bit worried. I’m 32 years old and I’ve been married to the best, sweetest, and […]

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Egg freezing before age 35 can help prolong a woman’s fertility.

Women who are delaying childbearing and are concerned about their ability to become pregnant later when they are ready to have children, may want to consider freezing their eggs to use at a later date. This procedure was originally created to provide women facing the damaging effects of cancer treatments with an option to preserve […]

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