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Test your sperm in the comfort of your own home!

Many men hate the thought of having to go to a clinic to have their sperm tested – which is totally understandable. It can be very embarrassing to have to produce a sperm sample at a clinic and then have it graded! Unfortunately, this reluctance can result in their partner having to go through the […]

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A new hormone test may help women determine their remaining fertility levels

A new test measuring “antimullerian hormone” (AMH) may help women determine their “ovarian reserve” – the quantity of a woman’s remaining eggs according to a recent article in Macleans. This simple blood test is done in a lab and requires a requisition from your doctor. AMH testing provides an alternative to the more common tests […]

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I’m 34 and single but want to have kids at some point in the future. My mom went into premature menopause at age 37. Is premature menopause hereditary? Should I be concerned about my fertility?

Written by our medical expert Stephen Hudson, M.D. The short answer to your question is “yes”. You may be at risk for premature menopause, and are right to be concerned about your fertility. I think a brief explanation of ovarian biology would do well to start. All women are born with a finite number of […]

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