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Family building and fertility in trans people

Written by our guest contributors, Sheryl A. Kingsberg, Ph.D, and Gail A. Knudson, MD. The desire to have and/or raise children is as likely to be experienced in transsexuals, transgender and gender nonconforming people as any other individual. In order to transition to one’s gender congruent self, individuals may elect hormonal and surgical therapies. These therapies […]

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Same-sex parenting is on the rise

Recent data from Census Canada indicates that the number of same-sex couples has increased by 42.4 percent since 2006. The number of same-sex couples getting married has also tripled between 2006 and 2011. In addition, same-sex parenting is on the rise. According to the American Census Bureau, the percentage of same-sex parents has risen from […]

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“The gift of life” – heartwarming stories of surrogate motherhood

Several articles have made the news of late, as family members and friends share their heartwarming stories of creating their families through gestational surrogacy. A recent article in the Daily Mail Online outlines the heartwarming story of 49 year old Leslie Sirois’ experience of acting as a surrogate mother for her daughter, Angel. Last summer, […]

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