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Surrogacy: A positive experience for both families

Surrogacy is a third party reproductive option whereby a couple creates their family with the help of a woman (surrogate mother) who agrees to carry their child to term and after giving birth, relinquishes her legal rights to the child. There are two types of surrogacy – gestational and traditional. In cases of gestational surrogacy, […]

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The ultimate gift: The other sister’s experience of the surrogacy journey

My name is Stacey. My sister and I have been close since the moment my parents brought her home from the hospital. We went through the ups and downs of puberty, high school, college, and then marriage together. Usually one of us started something and the other followed soon after. I met my husband, Bill, […]

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The ultimate gift – A sister’s story of being a surrogate

My name is Laura. My sister Stacey and I were born a year apart and grew up sharing everything – clothes, toys, books, and even friends. When we both got married, we assumed that we’d share maternity leaves together and that our children would be the best of friends. My husband and I started trying […]

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India proposes to ban singles, gays and common law couples from commercial surrogacy

In recent years, couples and individuals trying to create their families have been seeking commercial surrogacy options in greater numbers, particularly in India. Commonly referred to as “reproductive tourism”, those who can’t afford or are restricted from pursuing fertility treatments in their own county, often pursue treatments in other countries where the costs are more […]

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