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Feeling nervous about my pregnancy and motherhood

My name is Nisha. My husband Naveen and I started trying to conceive a few months ago. The test I took today confirmed what I already thought was true: I’m 8 weeks pregnant. I didn’t expect that it would happen this quickly. Don’t get me wrong – we want to have a baby and I’m […]

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My wife and I are starting our first IVF cycle. She has already found it pretty difficult that we haven’t been able to get pregnant naturally. We’ve had all the tests done, and the doctors haven’t found a reason why we’re not getting pregnant. She’s tearful and sad sometimes and I feel pretty helpless because I’m not sure how to help her. What suggestions do you have for how to support my wife through treatment?

Written by our mental health expert, Dr. Karen Kranz, Registered Psychologist.  I am so glad you asked what you could do to best support your wife as she goes through an IVF cycle. Fertility challenges and treatments are one of the greatest stressors a couple may endure. An IVF cycle can go awry for many […]

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Making time to conceive

My name is Rose. I’m a 36 year old human rights lawyer. I’ve been with my partner, Tom for about 5 years. He’s a 38 year old pilot. Both of our jobs require a lot of travel and keep us pretty busy, so we often spend a lot of time apart. We’re excited to start […]

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I’m 36, single and always wanted to have kids. I have a good job and am more than ready to be a mom. The hitch is that the guy who I want to have kids with is an old childhood friend. He’s like a brother to me and our relationship is 100% platonic. He’s desperate to become a dad and would make a wonderful father. Am I crazy to be considering this arrangement? Would this be fair to a child? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Written by our mental health expert, Emily Koert, Ph.D., Registered Clinical Counsellor. A growing number of men and women are deciding to co-parent, or raise a child together outside of a romantic relationship, so you’re certainly not “crazy” to be considering this option. Those who decide to co-parent believe that a child benefits by having […]

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