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A different kind of family

Tim and I have been friends since high school. When we graduated from college and started to pursue our different career paths, we were both single with no current romantic prospects on the horizon. We talked about wanting to have kids in the future and our similar fears of not finding the right guy to […]

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Read one woman’s story of why she decided to freeze her eggs.

Recently, the featured blog post on “The Daily Muse” was written by a woman who decided, at the age of 34, to freeze her eggs. The woman talks about her reasons for electing to freeze her eggs along with the details and her experience of the procedure (e.g., cost, fertility medications, extraction). A demanding work […]

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Deferring the Decision

You’ve put a lot of effort into considering the pros and cons of having kids. You’ve made lists, considered your options, talked with friends, read books, and still you aren’t sure if you’re ready to have kids, or if you’ll ever be ready. So what do you do now?

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Leap of Faith

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