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New breakthrough in preserving fertility

A new case report study demonstrates that for three women, transplanted ovarian tissue (frozen, or from an identical twin sister) was successful in preserving fertility after cancer treatments. One of the patients, a Danish woman, had one of her ovaries frozen before undergoing cancer treatment. She has since had 3 children. The other two women, […]

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More individuals and couples are turning to fertility preservation if they aren’t ready to have children

New research suggests that approximately half of fertility clinics across Canada are now offering “social” egg freezing (egg freezing that is not for medical reasons). A recent survey of fertility clinics in the US suggests that egg freezing for social reasons is on the rise in the US as well – with over half of […]

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Ovarian tissue freezing offers women new way of preserving their fertility

A new clinic opening in the United Kingdom is to be the first of its kind in the country to offer women the chance to freeze their ovarian tissue in their 20s and early 30s so it can be re-implanted when they are ready to have children later in their lives. This new fertility preservation […]

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Egg freezing before age 35 can help prolong a woman’s fertility.

Women who are delaying childbearing and are concerned about their ability to become pregnant later when they are ready to have children, may want to consider freezing their eggs to use at a later date. This procedure was originally created to provide women facing the damaging effects of cancer treatments with an option to preserve […]

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