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Fertility preservation neglected at most cancer centres

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments often have a devastating effect on a patient’s fertility – effectively rendering him or her unable to produce a child in the future. Undergoing fertility preservation prior to cancer treatments can provide some insurance that they may have a chance to contribute to a pregnancy in the future. Unfortunately, a recent […]

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Egg freezing: A positive experience for some women

Social egg freezing is a fertility preservation option available to women, which is becoming increasingly more common, in part because of the availability of this option based on recent advances in the science of successfully freezing eggs. According to the results of a recent study conducted at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine in Brussels, this […]

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Giving myself more time to have kids: My decision to freeze my eggs

Hi, my name is Tracy. I was recently accepted to do my doctorate overseas in the UK. It’s a dream come true! I have always wanted to do a Ph.D. and the timing is right to go away to study for several years. I don’t have a partner, I’m eager for a change after being […]

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Making sure I have a Plan B

My name is Lacey. I recently found out that I have breast cancer. At 24 years old, with student loans and a career to build, getting cancer was the last thing I could have imagined. I’m only 24 for heaven’s sake. I thought breast cancer was something that happened to older women! It all happened […]

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