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Short “darkly funny” film looks at the anxieties of impending new motherhood

Darkly funny, Happy and You Know It is a short film by writer/ director Deepti Gupta about the anxieties of pregnancy and impending first time parenthood. In this autobiographical film, Devika and Kevin are pregnant. Devika’s response to her planned pregnancy isn’t what she expected. Her husband, their mothers, and their friends are happy to […]

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Getting onboard with my wife’s baby dreams

My name is Mal and my wife’s name is Kavita. We’ve been married for 5 years now. On our first date, Kavita was open about wanting to have kids. She said she wanted the family issue out in the open because if I wasn’t on board, then she wasn’t going to continue our relationship. I […]

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Different paths to motherhood

Like many experiences in life, popular culture often depicts only one version of women’s transitions to motherhood – one that is perceived to be much like a fairy-tale for some women. Although the process of becoming a mother is often depicted as happening naturally and relatively easily once a woman finds a suitable partner, the […]

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Fatherhood is an important life goal for men

It is typically assumed that most adult women want to become mothers and are much more motivated than men to have children. However, the results of a recent TV poll by the Associated Press-WE examining women’s and men’s parenthood intentions, appear to challenge that assumption. The poll involved online interviews of 640 women and 637 […]

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