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What makes a woman a mother?

“So, you’re not her REAL mother.” I had to breathe deeply as I turned and walked away, with two-year-old Allie in tow.  So begins the article written by Karen Elliot about her experiences as a foster mother to Allie – a two year old girl who was taken directly into foster care after birth. As […]

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Single motherhood: A positive lifestyle choice

“In a season of ardent partisan clashing, Americans seem united in at least one shared idea: Single mothers are bad”. So begins Katie Roiphe’s essay on her experience as a single mother of two young children, both with different dads. She describes her household as “messy, bohemian, warm” and argues that the idea of what […]

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Breaking News: People with kids are happier than people without kids

Think parents are miserable and unhappy? Not so, according to a recent research study conducted across three universities including the University of British Columbia. A study on a large sample of Canadian and US men and women examined whether parents evaluate their lives more positively than childless adults, whether parents feel better than childless adults […]

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I’m 38 and have always wanted to have children. My current partner is 42 and says he is willing to have a child with me – but he has a very short fuse and gets very pouty when he’s not getting all my attention. I’m seriously questioning whether he’ll make a good father, but I don’t feel I have time to end this relationship and find someone else to have kids with. What should I do?

Written by our mental health expert Janet Takefman, Ph.D. Good parenting involves many specialized skills, attributes, and sacrifices. However, there is really no way to determine who will make a good parent and who will not. Many people, men and women alike, step up to the plate when they become parents and even surprise themselves […]

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