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I am 51 and I just found out that my new 38 year old wife is pregnant. I already have 2 grandchildren from my previous children. How will I do it all again? This is supposed to be my relaxing years, my years to be my self again.

Written by our mental health expert, Emily Koert, Registered Clinical Counsellor and Ph.D. Candidate. It’s understandable that you’re feeling anxious about the thought of becoming a new parent again at 51, especially when you’re already a grandparent and believed that your parenting years were behind you. You certainly are not alone. Many men who had […]

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Postponing parenthood to gain our financial “footing”

My name is Kate. I was the typical “roving” 20-something – after graduating with my undergraduate degree and degree in teaching, I travelled to Asia, teaching English to finance my travels. Eventually I explored Africa, India, and the Middle East before returning to my home state when I was 25. I was ready to settle […]

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Celebrities may be setting a trend for delaying parenthood

There are numerous reasons why people delay starting their families until later in their reproductive years (e.g., not finding the “right” partner, pursuing career goals, financial circumstances). In addition, celebrities may be contributing to this social and cultural phenomenon in fueling the belief that as long as a woman remains “fit” and “healthy” she too, […]

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Britain’s oldest first-time mother of twins believes IVF should not be offered to women over 50

Ten years ago, at the age of 58, Janet Maslin-Bosher gave birth to twins – James and Sarah – after she and her husband spent their life savings on in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. At the time she was Britain’s oldest first-time mother to give birth to twins. Sadly, five months after the twins’ birth, […]

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