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Researchers closer to birth control pill for men

Researchers in Australia have discovered a reversible way of stopping sperm from being released through the ejaculate without impacting sexual functioning. In animal tests, the researchers found that the sperm could be “kept in storage” during sex, thereby preventing pregnancy. The study was conducted at Monash University and published in the journal Proceedings of the […]

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Proteins identified that could result in a simple test of male fertility

There are two types of male infertility – obstructive infertility, where sperm is being produced but not getting released, and non-obstructive infertility, where the testicles are making little, if any sperm. Currently, men with no sperm (azoospermia) will undergo a series of expensive, and often painful tests (in the case of testicular biopsy) to determine […]

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Things to consider before pursuing fertility treatments

A recent article by Miriam Zoll published in Lilith Magazine highlighted the 10 things she wishes she had known before pursuing in vitro fertilization. Zoll and her husband underwent several expensive IVF treatments, including two attempts using the donated eggs of younger women. After several years and thousands of dollars worth of unsuccessful treatments and […]

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Could carrots be the secret to healthy sperm?

A recent study conducted at Harvard and published in Fertility and Sterility examined the effect of eating fruits and vegetables on men’s sperm. The study included 200 men who were asked to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to determine the relationship between a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and the quality of […]

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