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Fertility and parenting options for GBQ men

Written by our guest contributor, Rachel Epstein, Coordinator, LGBTQ Parenting Network, Sherbourne Health Centre. For cisgender (non-trans) gay/bisexual/queer (GBQ) men who want to become parents, the options most readily available are adoption, surrogacy and co-parenting with someone (or more than one person) who has the capacity to get pregnant.  International adoption is currently almost completely […]

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Transgender parent in the news

Thomas Beatie, who became known as the “Pregnant Man”, is a transgender male who preserved his uterus, tubes and ovaries and gained media attention when he became pregnant for the first time in 2007. His ex-wife Nancy was unable to become pregnant due to a hysterectomy. While married, the couple had three children together with […]

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A born mother – even though I was born a male

I always knew that I wanted to be a mom. However, I was born a boy, so for the longest time, I didn’t think that this would ever happen. When I was younger I would play dress-up with my sister’s dolls and walk them around in a stroller, feed them with a bottle and soothe […]

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Family building and fertility in trans people

Written by our guest contributors, Sheryl A. Kingsberg, Ph.D, and Gail A. Knudson, MD. The desire to have and/or raise children is as likely to be experienced in transsexuals, transgender and gender nonconforming people as any other individual. In order to transition to one’s gender congruent self, individuals may elect hormonal and surgical therapies. These therapies […]

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