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Losing our baby: The pain of a miscarriage

My name is Grace. I’ve been reading the personal stories on this site since last year, and when my partner Cara and I started IUI treatments with donor sperm 10 months ago, I thought I’d be writing in to share the news of my pregnancy. Sadly, the story that I am sharing is a different […]

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India proposes to ban singles, gays and common law couples from commercial surrogacy

In recent years, couples and individuals trying to create their families have been seeking commercial surrogacy options in greater numbers, particularly in India. Commonly referred to as “reproductive tourism”, those who can’t afford or are restricted from pursuing fertility treatments in their own county, often pursue treatments in other countries where the costs are more […]

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I am a 42 year old lesbian woman who has always wanted to experience pregnancy and become a mother, but I am in early menopause. My 34 year old partner has never wanted to be pregnant but is willing to go through donor inseminations and pregnancy so that we can have a family. I’m glad we have another option but I feel such loss at the same time. Is this normal?

Written by our mental health expert, Dr. Karen Kranz. Yes this is completely normal. It is wonderful that you have connected with a partner who is willing to conceive and parent children with you. However, there are losses associated with not being able to conceive a biological child, gestate a baby, and give birth. Early […]

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Getting ready to become a mother … on my own

My name is Mary. I’m 37 years old and work as an ER nurse. Although I only came out as a lesbian to my family several years after finishing high school, I always knew that I loved women. I knew that meant that when I wanted to have a baby, I’d need some “outside” assistance. […]

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