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New hope for the future fertility of women undergoing breast cancer treatment

Results of a new clinical trial suggest that goserelin, a well-established hormonal drug commonly used to treat endometriosis, significantly reduces the risk of early menopause for women who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer and increases their likelihood of pregnancy. Goserelin is a hormone similar to the one normally released by the hypothalamus gland in […]

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High cholesterol could lead to fertility problems

We already know that high cholesterol can be bad for the heart. But a recent study suggests that high cholesterol can also lead to fertility problems. The study was conducted in the United States by the health research arm of the US government. The researchers tracked 401 couples that were trying to become pregnant. The […]

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Chemicals in toothpaste and soap may affect male fertility

A new study is the first to link man-made chemicals found in every day items such as toothpaste, soap, and plastic toys with a decline in sperm quality. The research was conducted by Professor Niels Skakkebaek, at the Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark. The researchers wanted to examine the effect of “endocrine disrupting” chemicals on […]

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New treatment may help thin women become pregnant without IVF

A new hormonal treatment may help women who are experiencing infertility because of low body fat to start a family without having to undergo IVF. One in 10 athletes, ballerinas, and gymnasts and 1 in 100 women in the general population experience hypothalamic amenorrhea – where their periods stops – because they have lost a […]

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