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Staying up late may affect women’s fertility

A new report published in Fertility and Sterility suggests that women who are trying to conceive or are currently pregnant should avoid being exposed to light during the night. Led by Russel J. Reiter, a professor at the University of Texas Health Center, the research team reviewed previous studies and focused on the effect of […]

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Vasectomy may increase the risk of prostate cancer

Vasectomy has long been considered to be a highly effective method of male birth control. However, according to a recent Harvard study, men who have had a vasectomy may have a higher risk of later developing prostate cancer. Experts aren’t sure why the procedure could affect the incidence of prostate cancer, but speculate that it […]

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Good news for children from lesbian and gay families

Contrary to commonly expressed fears and concerns about the problems experienced by children of same-sex parents, findings of a new study indicate that these children experience higher levels of general health and family cohesion than those from traditional families. The study was conducted at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Researchers surveyed 315 same-sex parents […]

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My PCOS experience

My name is Polly. I’ve always been on the chunky side and have struggled to keep my weight under control for as long as I can remember. My periods have been irregular since I started menstruating in my early teens. I have some dark facial hair, but figured that was because I am Greek and […]

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