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Women who have experienced infertility are more likely to be depressed

The emotional impact of infertility is considerable and apparently long lasting. A recent study by researchers at Cardiff University highlights the long-term negative impact of unsuccessful fertility for women more than 10 years following failed fertility treatments. The researchers tracked the fertility outcomes and mental health status of 7,000 women who had attended IVF clinics […]

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Study finds prenatal exposure to SSRI anti-depressants linked to autism

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, a form of anti-depressants commonly known as SSRIs, have generally been considered safe for women during pregnancy. However the results of a recent study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry raise some concerns about SSRI use during pregnancy possibly being linked with childhood autism. The study was conducted in the […]

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Might too much cycling affect male fertility?

Should men who are trying to conceive spend less time on their bicycles? Dr. Paul Turek writes about cycling and male fertility in his latest article on Turek on Men’s Health. Dr. Turek highlighted a recent study conducted in the United Kingdom that provides the best evidence on whether cycling can impact male fertility. The […]

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Canadian doctors considering restrictions on fertility treatment for overweight women

Fertility doctors in Canada are considering whether there should be restrictions on providing fertility treatments to obese women. Doctors opposed to the proposed guidelines say that denying overweight women access to IVF is discriminatory, while those in favour of the restrictions say that this is a medical issue, not an issue of discrimination. In 2006 […]

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