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Study examines advantages and disadvantages of first-time parenting after age 40

A recent study conducted at the University of California offers some information about what first-time parents see as advantages and disadvantages of having children after age 40. The researchers conducted interviews with 46 couples and 15 individual men and women. Most of the men and women identified advantages to later childbearing such as having established […]

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Considering Using Egg or Embryo Donation to Expand my Family

My name is Paula and I’m 43 years old. It took me a while to decide whether or not I wanted to become a mother. Since the right guy never came along, I kept putting off my decision to become a mother. But when I reached my 43rd birthday this year it was like everything […]

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Fertility rates highest for Canadian women in their 30’s for the fifth consecutive year.

The latest statistics on Births in Canada have been released on January 31, 2012 for 2009 data. A few highlights: For the first time since 2002, the fertility of Canadian women dropped from the previous year down to 1.67 children per women. For the fifth year in a row, the rate of fertility was highest […]

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Think that women’s age is the only important factor in becoming pregnant? Recent research suggests that men’s fertility declines with age, too.

Dr. Paula Fettback presented research at the annual American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Orlando, Florida, in October, 2011. Her research found that between the ages of 41 and 45, the chance of a man getting his wife pregnant dropped 7 percent with each year – so when the man was 41, the couple had […]

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