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“Get Britain Fertile”: UK fertility campaign faces criticism

A new fertility campaign – Get Britain Fertile – has recently been launched in the UK with the help of campaign ambassadors Dr. Zita West, a reproductive health specialist, and media personality Kate Garraway. The campaign is being funding by First Response – a company that offers a range of home fertility testing kits. According […]

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A new memoir explores the risks of relying on technology to achieve a pregnancy later in life

CRACKED OPEN: Liberty, Fertility and the Pursuit of High Tech Babies (Interlink – May 2013) is Miriam Zoll’s candid memoir of growing up with the unprecedented opportunities afforded by the women’s movement and new discoveries in reproductive medicine. According to Zoll, the pervasive cultural messages then and today clearly stated that, thanks to science, women […]

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Celebrities may be setting a trend for delaying parenthood

There are numerous reasons why people delay starting their families until later in their reproductive years (e.g., not finding the “right” partner, pursuing career goals, financial circumstances). In addition, celebrities may be contributing to this social and cultural phenomenon in fueling the belief that as long as a woman remains “fit” and “healthy” she too, […]

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Social egg freezing – An option for women who aren’t yet ready to have children

“Social egg freezing” is a relatively new fertility procedure in which a woman elects to have her eggs frozen for non-medical (i.e., “social”) reasons, such as not meeting the “right” partner or delaying the process of having children while she pursues other life goals (e.g., travel, career, financial security). Many women know they want to […]

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