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The child-free choice: A road taken by an increasing number of women

A recent article in BBC News Magazine profiled women who choose not to be become mothers. The article stresses that once considered an “unnatural” choice, for a variety of reasons, more and more women are remaining child-free. Sociologist Dr. Catherine Hakim, from the London School of Economics, has studied voluntary childlessness in Europe and the […]

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I’m 38 and have always wanted to have children. My current partner is 42 and says he is willing to have a child with me – but he has a very short fuse and gets very pouty when he’s not getting all my attention. I’m seriously questioning whether he’ll make a good father, but I don’t feel I have time to end this relationship and find someone else to have kids with. What should I do?

Written by our mental health expert Janet Takefman, Ph.D. Good parenting involves many specialized skills, attributes, and sacrifices. However, there is really no way to determine who will make a good parent and who will not. Many people, men and women alike, step up to the plate when they become parents and even surprise themselves […]

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My lesbian partner and I both want to become mothers using the same donor. How do we decide which donor characteristics are important – given our different ethnic backgrounds?

Written by our mental health expert Karen Kranz, Ph.D. Choosing the right donor can be a challenging process, especially if you and your partner have different ideas about what donor characteristics are important to you. See our section on third party information for more general information about using donor sperm. First, I’d suggest that you […]

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Saying Good-Bye Because He Isn’t Ready to Have Kids

My boyfriend and I have been dating on and off since we met at university about 10 years ago. We fight, we get back together, we fight, we get back together. That’s the pattern. He goes back and forth on the issues of kids as well. One day he says he definitely wants to be […]

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