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“No Mos” – A new name for a new generation of childless women

The number of childless women has doubled in the last 30 years. According to the United States census reports, close to 50% of women who are of childbearing age are childless, up from 35% in the mid-70s. In Canada and the United States, one in five women will end her childbearing years without having a […]

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I’m 25 and I don’t want to be a mother

My name is Ali. I’ve always loved being around kids, and I’m really good with them, but I’ve never wanted my own. I’m a kindergarten teacher and I spend my entire day with kids. I like not having to deal with them when I come home from work. I’m totally okay with my child-free choice. […]

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A snap choice? Research shows childless couples make decision after one conversation

New research sheds some light on how couples make the decision to remain child-free. The study was conducted at Middlesex University in the UK and surveyed 75 childless women over age 35 who did not want children. The results showed that approximately 36% of the respondents had decided not to have children after just one […]

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The no-baby boom: The increase in “social” childlessness

A recent article in Macleans magazine by Anne Kingston profiled the growing number of women who aren’t having children. Recent statistics show that one out of five women in the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, and Australia are still childless into their mid-40s – twice as many as a generation ago. According to Jody Day, […]

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