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Postponing parenthood to gain our financial “footing”

My name is Kate. I was the typical “roving” 20-something – after graduating with my undergraduate degree and degree in teaching, I travelled to Asia, teaching English to finance my travels. Eventually I explored Africa, India, and the Middle East before returning to my home state when I was 25. I was ready to settle […]

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I’ve put in my 5 years…now we’re ready to start our family

My name is Amy. I graduated with a degree in business about 5 years ago. I was recruited to a large consulting firm after graduation which meant that I had to move across the country. My boyfriend Paul decided to come with me since his graphic design company was pretty mobile and as long as […]

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I’m 33 and have a great job that I love. I’ve just been offered a fabulous promotion that will require a lot of travel and 18 hour work days. It’s the job of my dreams! But I also really want to have kids – which I just can’t see happening in the next 5 years if I take this job. What should I do?

This month’s Ask an Expert question has been answered by our site creator, Dr. Judith Daniluk, a leading researcher and counsellor in the field of women’s sexuality and reproductive health. Learn more about Dr. Daniluk here.    First let me congratulate you on your job offer. It sounds as if you are in the fortunate position of being […]

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The challenges of balancing work and family life

In a recent article in The Globe and Mail Online, Camille Paglia makes a bold statement about women’s lives: “Perhaps there is no greater issue facing contemporary women than the choices they must make about balancing home and work”. Indeed, many women from all walks of life struggle with balancing the demands of these two […]

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