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Financing now available for fertility treatments

Individuals and couples who need fertility treatments to have a baby are often faced with the burden of having to pay for expensive drugs and treatments that aren’t covered by health insurance. Some end up not being able to have kids because they can’t afford to pay for treatments such as IVF – which often […]

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IVF cannot help everyone become pregnant.

IVF has helped a significant number of women and couples achieve their desire for a child. Without treatment, many would have never been able to become parents. However, depending on the country, state, or in Canada – the province – IVF may be restricted based on the age of the woman. For example, some clinics […]

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Britain’s oldest first-time mother regrets having a child so late in life

In 2009 Susan Tollefsen became famous for being the oldest first-time parent in Britain. At the age of 57 she became a mother through IVF treatments undertaken in a Russian clinic with the donated eggs of a younger woman and the sperm of her younger partner. At the time, she defended her choice, saying her […]

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First “test tube baby” Louise Brown loses mother

Louise Brown, born July 25th, 1978, went down in history for being the world’s first “test tube baby” or first child conceived using in vitro fertilization (IVF). Sadly, earlier this month, Louise lost her mother Lesley, after she contracted an infection when she was being treated for gallstones in a hospital in the UK. Given […]

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