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If you’re over 40, you can’t take IVF success for granted

Researchers from Yale University recently published a paper in the journal Fertility and Sterility which cautions women over 40 that they can’t rely on IVF as a sure way to get pregnant when they are ready. Although the number of women over 40 seeking IVF has skyrocketed in recent years, the success rates have remained […]

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Lesbian couple win legal battle over child created with donor sperm

A lesbian couple who created their family using donor sperm recently won sole custody of their child after a three-year legal battle. The sperm donor and his wife had originally agreed to the donation, but after the child was born the donor’s wife changed her mind about the donation. The couple took their case to […]

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Family building and fertility in trans people

Written by our guest contributors, Sheryl A. Kingsberg, Ph.D, and Gail A. Knudson, MD. The desire to have and/or raise children is as likely to be experienced in transsexuals, transgender and gender nonconforming people as any other individual. In order to transition to one’s gender congruent self, individuals may elect hormonal and surgical therapies. These therapies […]

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“Sperm washing”: A common procedure in fertility treatments

Sperm washing is a standard procedure used in fertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF). Most registered sperm banks also offer clients the option of purchasing “washed” sperm. Using specialized equipment in a laboratory, sperm are separated from the seminal fluid found in men’s ejaculate – fluid that can impede […]

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