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Preventing a fertility disaster: NYU Fertility Center saves eggs and embryos during Hurricane Sandy

Numerous embryos housed at the NYU Fertility Center located in Manhattan were rescued following a power outage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The center’s incubators – which typically house embryos at womb-temperature – began to cool after the facility’s back-up generator ran out of gas. Since embryos need to be maintained in a warm environment, the […]

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A genetic screening tool may provide some peace of mind

Concerned that you’ll pass on a fatal or debilitating condition or serious illness that runs in your family such as Fragile X syndrome, cystic fibrosis, or muscular dystrophy? A genetic testing procedure called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) makes it possible to screen embryos for these and other serious health conditions thereby reducing or eliminating the […]

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Why might a woman donate her eggs to help someone else have a child?

Ever wonder why a woman would donate her eggs to a family member, friend or even a total stranger? The most commonly assumed reason is for financial compensation, but a woman may be motivated to donate her eggs for a number of other reasons. Policies on egg donation differ between countries and may affect a […]

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I’m using donor sperm from a sperm bank to have a baby. I’m not sure if I should use an anonymous or open identity donor. What should I be considering when I’m deciding what type of sperm to buy?

Written by our mental health expert, Karen Kranz, Ph.D. When you say “I” am using donor sperm I assume this means that you are not currently in a relationship and are planning to have a child on your own. This is an important consideration, in that it means you don’t have to take the needs, […]

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