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Taking out a loan to build our family

Chad and I have been married for 7 years. We recently had our 35th birthdays. We have been trying to get pregnant for the last 5 years and are pretty desperate to have a baby before we’re too old. After having two first trimester miscarriages, our family doctor referred us to the local fertility clinic. […]

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New treatment may help thin women become pregnant without IVF

A new hormonal treatment may help women who are experiencing infertility because of low body fat to start a family without having to undergo IVF. One in 10 athletes, ballerinas, and gymnasts and 1 in 100 women in the general population experience hypothalamic amenorrhea – where their periods stops – because they have lost a […]

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New protein discovered to assist conception

A new discovery by British researchers may hold the key to successful fertility treatment for the approximately 10% of couples with unexplained infertility. Researchers found that an egg’s surface is studded with a protein that is necessary for fertility. Named “Juno” after the Roman goddess of marriage and fertility, this protein “mates” with a similar […]

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The legal complications of reproductive tourism

A recent article in the Canadian newspaper The National Post highlights the potential complexities of immigration and citizenship issues for babies conceived and/or born out of country using third party reproduction (donor egg, donor sperm, surrogacy). Reporter Tom Blackwell uses the example of Malkiat Kandola and his wife to highlight the complications of reproductive tourism […]

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