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Article in The Atlantic ignites debate on how long women really can wait to have children

An article recently published in The Atlantic by Jean Twenge has reignited debate about age-related fertility declines and just how long women can safely wait to have children. Twenge challenges the relevance and validity of the data upon which medical estimations have been based regarding age-related fertility declines for women in their 30s. She argues […]

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I’m 35 and my biological clock is ticking loudly…

My name is Ariadne. I had my 35th birthday two weekends ago. My parents threw me a party and invited all of my family and my close friends and their families. It was a pretty special day –gorgeous and sunny, and I was surrounded by all the people who love me. As I was standing […]

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Bucking the trend: Having kids in our 20’s

My name is Olga and my husband’s name is Andrei. There’s been so much in the news these days about people waiting to have kids until they’re in their 30s and 40s. We did it differently and want to share our story. Andrei and I grew up in the same mid-sized city and we went […]

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Age and method of freezing affects the success of egg freezing

Fertility preservation for women involves undergoing the first half of an IVF cycle – with hormones being used to stimulate egg production and eggs being surgically retrieved from the woman’s ovaries. These eggs are then frozen by one of two methods – slow freezing (SF) or rapid freezing through vitrification (VF). In the future when […]

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